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Our brother

Beloved Brethren!

Praise the Lord!!


Paul Bilheimer said a prayer as follows, "O Lord let me die climbing! Let me go from the battlefield and from the battlefront. Do not let me become old and senile and a burden and care for others"

Our brother Joseph Besong has died as this author prayed today (29.10.2019) at about 12:00.

  • A soldier’s death!
  • A victorious death!!
  • A seed of victory!!!

Let us honour this soldier by giving glory to our Lord and Commander who has honoured him by a soldier's death.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us both honour our Lord Jesus and our brother who has died, by determined pursuit of victory in the ongoing battles of the Lord!

  • A soldier has died.
  • The war continues
  • The victory is at hand
  • Let us not disperse ranks


Your brother at the Battle Front.

Theodore Andoseh

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